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Interdressage Ethos.


Interdressage was founded with the original intention of allowing horse and rider to progress at their own rate and remain in their comfort zone for as long as possible. We continue to offer continued support, help and advice in order to nurture a happy and trusting partnership. Our team of judges and advisers offer sound advice on ethical and humane training methods each month. (Trudi Dempsi -Baroque. Marj Coultous, Glynis Mills, Naomi Garbutt- Dressage, Karin Hacket, Elizabeth Haffner and Kate Farmer- showing and practical horsemanship classes and myself, Karina Hawkridge- jumping and Dressage tips and advice tips and advice).

Over the years, restrictions and extra rules have had to be introduced to encourage people to move up to the next level and to encourage true novices to give the walk and trot and walk, trot and canter classes a go.

We try and keep our rules to a minimum. Our ethos was never about long lists of rules but more about common sense and allowing riders the chance to compete in a friendly and safe atmosphere and environment. For example, we politely request that once you feel your canter work is established that you move out of the walk, trot, canter entry level classes to the starter level in order to open up the leader board for our true novices; similarly, if you feel your walk and trot work as progressed sufficiently, please move yourself up to the intermediate or open section...even if you are still technically eligible for the lower sections.

We allow 'any bit' and 'bitless' in all our classes, providing it is not misused or ill fitted, mainly because of the difficulty in 'policing' a 'snaffle only' rule when judging via video BUT we request you remove your martingales for all our dressage and preferably the showing classes. We also allow 'any noseband' - providing it is well fitted and not misused- again due to the difficulty of checking them via video- BUT we request you always fit nosebands correctly and do not misuse it; remember that clamping the mouth shut is NOT the way to promote softness and relaxation through the jaw and poll. It is no substitute for sympathetic and progressive schooling and the development of good hands and seat! Here is a link to an excellent article about nosebands written by one of our Interdressagers- it is a very good reminder of the damage nosebands can do!http://www.freewebs.com/interdressage/pleasereleaseme.htm

Class requirements are always included on the schedule. Although it is always lovely to win a class, remember that interdressage has so much more to offer than just winning awards, accumulating league points and receiving glory! It is here to help, support, educate and offer help in a time of need. We have a very strong team. Please make use of it.




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