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4 Arena Mirrors SUMMER SHOW SPECIAL for £1000.00 VAT

(saving £100 per mirror)

Any rider training with arena mirrors will tell you they cannot live without them as they become an essential part of their training, They allow you to pay close attention to detail and correct any problems immediately. Mirrors enable you to see much  more and put into practice good posture and positioning when schooling alone.

With Mirrors for Training, the options are endless. Our arena mirrors are uniquely engineered and framed in galvanised steel, each 8ft x 4ft  reflects a generous view of your arena and a super clarity  reflection that cannot be matched by any other supplier as our system is unique to us.


We offer two types of installations on galvanised steel posts or on tantalised timber both have back leg bracing and both are installed to a very high standard, and the mirrors are installed on a tilt mechanism that allows the mirrors to be adjusted to your individual requirements, the benefits of the galvanised system over the timber, are that the posts will last approx 3 times longer and as they are pre fabricated they are universal so that in time you would be able to upgrade your mirrors to vertical should you wish to do so in the future. Our system is unique as the mirrors can also be upgraded, the backs of the mirrors are galvanised steel, the mirrors will obviously deteriorate in time however our system enables the mirrors to be easily reglazed  (re mirrored as the backs will also last years) in the future. 



5no Mirrors installed on Timber £3800 with offer

5no Mirrors installed on Galv £5800 with offer


Our system is strong, durable and offers a stylish addition to any arena and can be adapted to both outdoor and indoor, Vertical and Horizontal installation configurations. 


Following the installation of the mirrors your schooling will be twice as effective as you will be able to assess straightness outline and quality of movement visually. Whether you have one mirror or invest in a whole wall, the team can advise on the best positioning to ensure you get the very best out your investment.


The visual benefits of using mirrors for training are limitless, identifying in real time inaccuracies in your performance and being able to make changes immediately before they become habit forming is priceless for both horse and rider.













Dont Worry if your not attending any of our events you can order by email or phone







Mirrors for Training Ltd

Units 9-11 Modular Business Park
Aspley Close, Four Ashes, West Midlands, WV10 7DE
01902 791207 or 07737263611


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