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‘Regular announcements’ (Please read if you are new to Interdressage)

The Interdressage month goes something like this; we usually close the entries on the last day of the month

We usually commence judging around the 18th of the month.

The Interdressage Newsletter is published on the 21st of the month and once entries close we aim to have all rosettes and awards posted within the week.

If you send in your entries close to the close of entries you may need to wait up to 5 or 6 days for your score sheets emailing back. At the start of judging we usually aim to have them returned within 3 days of your score appearing on the site.

 Prize money can either be paid by cheque or sent via Pay Pal – which is more convenient for overseas competitors.

We put ALL videos on the site- we feel that as we are running a competition it is only right and fair that everyone can watch everyone else’s tests and shows. If you take advantage of our ‘assessment service’ then all videos remain private.

Each month we suggest exercises to help with specific schooling issues at the end of most score sheets (providing videos are received before the 'cut off' date) and in an effort to continually improve the advice and help we offer we would like to create an ‘exercise library.’ I can then include a link to a specific web page with exercises most suited to helping you and your horse. It would be fabulous if we could start to ‘collect and share’ exercises. If you use a particular exercise that really works for you please email me with it and I can add it to the ‘library’ and hopefully this way it will benefit many other ‘Interdressagers’.

 Please check the tack regulations on the monthly schedule and for the class that you wish to enter. Although we open most of our classes up to ‘any bit’ and ‘bitless’ riders we are not going to allow martingales for the pure dressage tests but we do allow ‘any tack’ including martingales in the Style and Performance classes.

Due to the fact that we have lost so many memory cards we are withdrawing this service but if you would like to submit your entry on your own memory card we always return it as soon as we have judged your test providing you supply a stamped addressed envelope- if you do not supply this we will return it with your rosette or certificate. If you do still have an Interdressgae memory card and do not plan to use it we would appreciate its return then maybe we will re commence this service.

Please make sure that you always check the postage cost when submitting your disc, memory stick or memory card through the post. The cost of postage can be a little confusing and any shortage in postage will delay the arrival of your video and we then have to pay the excess plus £1 administration cost so it is vital that you check the cost of postage at the post office if in doubt. Just as an example- If you send in a memory card and use one of those little plastic cases this raises the cost of postage from a ‘standard’ stamp to ‘large letter’ (approximately another 8p) but this also means that it will take anything up to 10 days to reach us- this may mean that you miss the closing date and your video cannot be judged.

Don’t forget that if for any reason you cannot submit your entry and it has already been paid for then we will allow you to transfer your entry to any other month. Just use the code that you were issued with and choose another test to ride from the schedule for the month you would like to enter.

If you are entering by post using a print off entry form we would really appreciate it if you could submit a copy via email as well as soon as you decide to enter- this way we can keep a track of how many entries to expect and Glynis can allocate the correct amount of time for judging. If entering on line we would appreciate it if you could enter first before submitting your videos as this way I have a code to name your video file with rather than having to make one up which sometimes leads to duplicates and confusion.  Entries usually close on the 7th of the month and the online schedule is removed at this time.

We accept videos in any format but really appreciate it if you can send in discs and memory cards with just this month’s video files on and clearly named– if possible- especially if submitting on a DVD as they seem to play differently on every machine. Please remember to name your video files clearly with the reference code you are issued with. If entering using a manual entry from please name your file with the class number, the name of your horse and the name of the rider- this makes it so much easier at this end- especially when we receive a lot in one day. This applies if submitting your videos using You Tube or http://www.sendthisfile.com/  you can put as many videos on one disc as you can fit on –providing they are named clearly.

If you are using You Tube to submit your video please ensure that you set your video to ‘public view’ as I cannot lift the URL link if it is set to ‘private view’ To email me the direct URL link just click on your video so that it is playing then look for the ‘share’ button under the video- copy and paste the link- in its entirety- and email me this link.

Please keep an eye on the Interdressage site to check that your video appears within a reasonable and acceptable time. If it is not showing after a couple of days of being sent this means that I have not received it- Contact me for verification. Please double check that I have all your details correct – paying particular attention to whether I have put you in the correct section (junior or senior) Mistakes do happen and I would appreciate you letting me know ASAP.


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